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BISP Nashonuma program online registration

Registration for the BISP Nashonuma program online: The conditional cash transfer (CCT) program known as Benazir Nashonuma is run by the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) in Pakistan. Improving the health and nutrition of PLWs who are expecting, nursing, or who have young children is the program’s main objective.

Benazir Nashonuma provides cash transfers to PLW and their children in exchange for them meeting specified nutritional and health goals. These goals include:

  • Joining regular antenatal care (ANC) visits
  • Taking iron and folic acid supplements
  • Consuming specialized nutritious food (SNF)
  • Getting their children vaccinated
  • Taking their children for regular health checks

The World Food Programme (WFP) and the Pakistani government both provide money for Benazir Nashonuma. 156 districts in Pakistan are actively implementing the program.

It has been shown that Benazir Nashonuma is beneficial in enhancing the health and nutrition of PLWs and their kids. According to WFP research, the initiative substantially reduced stunting in children under the age of two.

An important program called Benazir Nashonuma helps in enhancing the health and happiness of disadvantaged families in Pakistan. The campaign aids in ensuring that PLW and their kids have access to the nutrition and health care they require to thrive.

Here are some of the benefits of Benazir Nashonuma:

  • Stunting in kids under the age of two is lessened by it.
  • It enhances pregnant women’s weight gain all through pregnancy.
  • Micronutrient deficits and anemia are decreased.
  • It raises awareness of nutrition and maternity and early childhood health.
  • Through increased use of the existing health and nutrition services, it lowers the burden of disease.
  • It protects against low birth weight.

You may be eligible for Benazir Nashonuma if you are a woman who is pregnant, nursing, or who has a kid who is under two years old. Contact the nearby BISP office for further information.

Here are some of the requirements for eligibility for Benazir Nashonuma:

  • You have to live in Pakistan.
  • You must have a kid under the age of two, be pregnant, nursing, or both.
  • Your household’s income must be sufficient to meet basic needs.
  • You must achieve the program’s established goals for nutrition and health.

There are two ways to apply for Benazir Nashonuma

BISP Nashonuma program online registration

Online: The BISP website provides an online application form. You must form an account, and supply your National Identity Card (NIC) number, the household’s yearly earnings, and the birth certificate of your child in order to do this.

In-person: The BISP office nearest to you will accept applications in person. Bring your original NIC card, your household’s income certificate, and your child’s birth certificate to do this.

A BISP officer will get in contact with you after you’ve applied to set up an interview. You will be asked about your household’s income, your child’s health, and your willingness to reach the program’s nutrition and health goals during the interview.

If Benazir Nashonuma is authorized, you will get a cash transfer each month. The number of kids in your home and your household’s income will impact how much cash you receive.

BISP Nashonuma program online registration

Here are some additional details about the application process:

  • Application is not cost-free.
  • To apply online, you are not required to know how to operate a computer. Applying is simple thanks to the user-friendly structure of the BISP website.
  • Benazir Nashonuma applications are accepted throughout the whole year.
  • Even if you already get other government benefits, you are still eligible to apply for Benazir Nashonuma.

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You can phone the BISP customer service at 0800-786-786 or your local BISP office if you have any questions about the application process.

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