Fri. Dec 1st, 2023
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bisp new payment date 2023

bisp new payment date 2023: New payment details have been sent to the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) participants. The new payment date will be the first of every month beginning in July 2023. This is a change from the previous payment deadline of the 15th of every month.

The updated payment date was announced by BISP Chairperson Shazia Marri. According to her, the change was made to make it easier for beneficiaries to access their money. She continue stating that the new payment period would lessen fraud and corruption.

What is the new payment for BISP 2023?

Beneficiaries who previously qualified for the BISP program will be automatically transferred. They have no duty to take any action. However, new beneficiaries will need to apply for the program after the new payment date is put into effect.

The government-run BISP program provides monetary support to low-income families in Pakistan. Aid has been supplied to more than 10 million people since the program’s launch in 2008.

The revised payment date is an improvement for BISP subscribers. They will find it faster to get paid, and it will help to reduce fraud and corruption.

Members of the BISP can start getting their payments on the first of every month in July 2023. You don’t need to do anything to secure your reward.

How much is the BISP payment?

The amount of the BISP payment varies depending on the size of the family and the province in which they reside. Families with larger families and those who live in more expensive provinces often receive payments that are greater.

The current payment rates for the BISP program are as follows:

  • Punjab: Rs. 9,000 per family every 3 month
  • Sindh: Rs. 9,000 per family every 3 month
  • Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: Rs. 6,000 every 3 month
  • Balochistan: Rs. 5,000 per family every 3 month
  • Islamabad: Rs. 6,000 per family every 3 month
  • Gilgit-Baltistan: Rs. 5,000 per every 3 month
  • Azad Kashmir: Rs. 5,000 every 3 month

For the BISP, a monthly payment is required. Beneficiaries have a variety of payment options open to them, including bank accounts, ATM cards, and mobile money.

How to check Benazir’s income 25,000?

You can determine your eligibility for the Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) payment of Rs. 25,000 in a few different methods.

  • Online CNIC status check: To check your CNIC status online, go to the BISP website and sign into your account. If your CNIC is registered with BISP and you are eligible to receive the payment, you will receive a notification designating you as a “Benazir Income Support Program (BISP) Beneficiary”.
    SMS: You can use SMS to check the status of your CNIC by sending a message to the number 8171. The SMS must contain both the word “STATUS” and your CNIC number. In response, BISP will inform you of your eligibility for the payment.
    Come to THE CLOSEST BISP OFFICE: Contact the regional BISP office for more details regarding your CNIC status and payment eligibility.

If you match the requirements for the payment, BISP will let you know when it has been placed into your bank account. You can then withdraw the funds from your bank account.

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